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This is a pre-coded Google Sheet. If the students answer the absolute value question correctly then the answer box will turn green and a piece of the picture will appear. If they answer the question incorrectly the box will turn green. The first thing to check will be formatting if an answer is incorrect. For the first eight questions (all equations) the answers need to be formatted as lowest number comma space highest number (i.e. -2, 1) or No Solution needs to be written. For the last eight questions (inequalities) if the answer is an AND solution then write the answer as a three-part statement (i.e. -1<x<1) and if the answer is an OR statement then the answers need to be formatted as lower number inequality space OR space higher number inequality (i.e. x<-2 OR x>2). In total, there are sixteen practice questions.

Algebra Solving Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Mystery Picture Puzzle

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