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Image by Ty Williams - A canvas painting that says: Live Fully, Create Happiness, Speak Kindly, Hug Daily, Smile Often, Hope More, Laugh Freely, Seek Truth, Inspire Change, Love Deeply


      At Athena Classroom LLC, we strive to provide teachers with the resources they need to help their students succeed. Our focus will be on STEAM education and test prep materials, with the goal of helping teachers create dynamic and engaging learning experiences for their students. We will offer a variety of resources, blog posts, and tutorials to ensure that no matter what subject or grade level you teach, you have access to the knowledge and tools needed to foster student success.

Image by Roberto Nickson - Image of some mountains reflected into a lake


     My name is Cathy and I am the owner and founder of Athena Classroom. I started my first career as an accountant but missed the daily excitement of the classroom environment. So I went back to school and received two additional master's degrees in mathematics and mathematics education. While working on these two degrees I was a substitute teacher and managed a tutoring business.  I now work as a Math Interventionist in a small rural school. With my experiences, I have taught a little bit of every subject and now want to turn my knowledge into resources to help all teachers succeed.

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